„Health and Safe Environmental Award 2004“

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„Health and Safe Environmental Award 2004“ – special award for Tarmac CZ a.s.

On 26th of April 2005, the results of the competition “Health and Safe Environmental Award 2004”, which is declared annually by the association of Czech and international companies Business Leaders Forum, were announced.
This award is given every year to a company, which is contributing to the best improvement of environment, health of employees and inhabitants in the surrounding of its activities.
A special award for the exemplary activity – “More Safety for Children on Streets” and “Health Sand for Children´s Sandpits” was given to Tarmac CZ a. s. (registered office in Liberec) by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic – by Mr. L. Ambrozek and by the ambassador of the United Kingdom and Ireland L. Duffield.

An independent consultant and a member of the jury, Fr. Dobeš, said to the awarded projects: “An increasing interest about our environment and social responsibility of companies has become a significant part of their activities. Tarmac CZ a. s. is devoting its attention to the projects, whose successful results contribute to health and safety of children of nursery schools. The company has decided to help tens of nursery schools and instead of analyses of sand quality of individual sandpits it has replaced the sand with free certified health sand from one of the company´s sandpits and thus it has saved a significant amount of money for nursery schools.

The project “More Safety for Children on Streets” or 100 reflective vests for children of nursery schools was started in November 2003.
We tried to intensify the cooperation with local authorities by this untraditional sponsor gift, so that Tarmac would be considered as a helpful company, which contributes to the village and is willing to help.
Motivation for this project arose from strict respecting of safety rules during mining activities and health and safety of employees, when a reflective vest is compulsory equipment of every employee. The project started as a celebratory handover of first vests to the nursery schools in Liberec. The handover was held in front of the registered office of the company with participation and interest of the County Council, Municipality, Police of the Czech Republic and media. Vests for nursery schools of the villages in the surroundings of Tarmac’s sites were given by quarry managers on public sessions of local authorities.
The project roused an acceptance and during the year 2004, other companies started to come in to this project. The result was more than 1600 vests for about 130 nursery schools.

The project “Health Sand for Children´s Sandpits” started when celebration of an international day of children was held in June 2004. Dockets for free withdrawal of health sand from the sandpit in Horní Řasnice were sent to 215 nursery schools. The company Tarmac CZ decided to help to all owners of children´s sandpits and made detailed analyses of sand samples on its own costs. Hygienic institute in Liberec declared the sand as healthy and thus it satisfies all requirements of the decree of the Ministry of Public Health of the Czech Republic.
Tarmac CZ a.s. gave to nursery schools 314.4 t of sand in the value of 50 000 CZK, so it saved the costs more than 100 000 CZK for nursery schools.

This award, which was given to Tarmac CZ from Business Leaders Forum, is the recompense for our effort to contribute to permanent development of the relationship with the surroundings and it is the confirmation that the company set out in the right direction with its activities of its social program.

M.Velechovská, secretary to Managing Director
Employee for Public Relations

In Liberec, 5th May 2005

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