Tarmac does not have a “stone heart”

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Tarmac does not have a “stone heart”

The company´s philanthropy and social responsibility is the part of company´s strategy and voluntary inclusion of social and ecological issues into our own business strategy is a commonplace for Tarmac CZ a. s.

This is not the only reason why our company belongs among stable and significant sponsors of different projects that focus on sport or cultural activities of children and youth, but also on care about handicapped and elder people.

Tens of organizations have got our logo on their lists of donors. Except for the support of areas written above, our company tends to find projects with so called “face” and that is why the company symbolically joined the project of adoption of a small African girl. In 2003, our company adopted a small African girl Molly from Kenya. There are not enough educated women in Africa and we hope that our support will bring its “fruits”. We believe that we could contribute and help at least one African family and maybe even one, today only a small girl, to change her whole life. Image
Image We also managed to start the whole country project – More safety for children on roads, whose goal is to equip nursery schools from the whole Czech Republic with reflective vests, so that we can increase their safety on streets during their everyday walks. This project is supported by Police of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Transport, County Council of Liberec and mainly a lot of other companies have joined this project after we had introduce it.
The company Tarmac CZ a. s. has become the initiator and example for other companies in the Czech Republic. Today, we are preparing other similar projects, which could be in today’s hard, market, but also social environment and hasty lifestyle challenge for other companies and institutions. In 2004, the company Tarmac CZ a. s. received a special price in the competition “Health and Safe Environment Award”.     Image
Image In collaboration with International Centre UNIVERSITUM o. p. s. in Liberec, safety reflective items have been designed to contribute to better visibility of people on a wheelchair, so that they significantly increase their safety when moving in the streets, especially when visibility is poor. Tarmac CZ a. s., for whom health protection and safety is the priority and commonplace in the company, used its rich pieces of experience when creating those reflective items.

We believe that small sparkles, which are burned by the company, could rise with the help of other companies into flames of hope for many useful areas and also for our fellow citizens.

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