Word of stone 18 - March 2006 - More safely on a wheelchair - a new project

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Charity and sponsorship

More safely on a wheelchair - a new project

Foto Relating to the fact that the company´s philanthropy and social responsibility is the part of Tarmac CZ strategy and that voluntary integration of social and safety problems into the business strategy is a real commonplace, we have focused our effort to help in the field of safety of handicapped people.
After the very successful project of reflective vests for children from nursery schools, we have prepared, in cooperation with the firm ANERI, another project called “More safely on a wheelchair”. Thanks to narrow collaboration with handicapped people form the International Centre UNIVERSUM o. p. s. in Liberec and with Police of the Czech Republic in Liberec, it has been possible to suggest a number of ideas that can significantly increase safety of handicapped people on a wheelchair, when they move in the traffic. We have tested a number of products, we have adjusted them several times and we have come to the conclusion that an universal vehicle with several safety elements will be the most suitable one and this will be possible to use for all types of wheelchairs. . All proposed parts of such vehicle have been tested in practice and they have been adjusted into the final version, so that they could meet all requirements.


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