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The company Tarmac CZ helped to equip a new flat, which was given to the Children´s Home Domino.

Reconstructed flat, which was given to the Children´s Home from the municipality of Pilsen, was equipped with the help of Tarmac CZ. The company gave last year 100 000,-CZK for purchase of kitchens (see the photo) and this year, during a celebratory opening of the flat, representatives of the company gave another cheque for 50 000,- CZK to the director Mrs. Eva Dvořáková.


The Children´s Home DOMINO has been realizing “family way of upbringing” since 1994. 8-member groups of children live in flats in family groups under the surveillance of an educationalist.Experiences and results of the work on this project show that if a child is forced to live out of his/her family, the most appropriate way of hospital treatment is the life in familygroups.Realizing of basic humanconnections,learning of practical social behavior and respecting of basic principles of human relations mean very valuable input to the start of autonomous life. Children leave to their lives with basic knowledge of household economy, mutual respect and help of family members and awareness of the necessity of toleration and honesty in their behavior.






Historické automobily a Tarmac CZ

We would like to inform you about other performance of the car crew Václav Hostaš -Radek Hořejší in the series of Championship of the Czech Republic in rally of historical cars.
In the final assessment of the Czech Republic Championship in rally of historical cars, this crew was placed on the second place in the group H1 from total 10 crews and in absolute assessment of MČR HA without separation of engine capacity, this crew was placed on the 11 th place
from total 32 crews.

During the season, this crew has appeared even in television on the programme ČT2 in the programme called Auto Moto Sport magazine. News and photos of the crew were also in the weekly paper Klatovský týdeník, Klatovský deník and in many Internet pages.
We cite from the letter of Mr. V. Hostaš:„Our crew would like to thank the company Tarmac CZ a. s. for its support, and we hope that we have represented well your company in competitions of historical cars.
Thank you for your displayed support.”



Molly our adopted girl

Free translation of her letter
Dear all,
I am writing to you with pleasure again. I am fine. We have winter in here and how is the weather in your country? We had harvest, we cut the corn, which was seeded in March of this year. Now we have corn that will feed us for 3 months. At school, I am going well. Last week, we made some tests and I passed. I am on the 14th place from 54 children.I have improved my knowledge since the time, when I got textbooks last year. I am always doing my homework with pleasure. My older brother helps me with them at home. And how are you? I would like to look at your photos. My puppy is now a big dog, he can run faster than me. We walk with him to a lake. Yesterday, with my sister, I looked at your pictures. She liked them a lot. My parents send greetings to you. Lovely regards
Titus genitor Molly

Report card


Letter from Molly

Tarmac CZ helps to solve difficult traffic situation in the village of Stružná.

Image14th November, the Mayor of the village Stružná, Mr. Pavel Stoček, received a financial gift from representatives of the company Tarmac CZ a. s. for his village. This gift will be used for buying and installation of traffic mirrors that will contribute to higher safety on a confused crossing in the village.Road will be safer even for children from the local nursery school. Owing to the company Tarmac CZ, the children from the local nursery school joined to project “More safety to children on roads”, because they received reflective vests in the region of Karlovy Vary as the first nursery school.



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