We inform - events

We inform - events

European day about safety and health at work brought two prestigious awards to Tarmac CZ a. s.

During the European week of safety and health at work 2005, which is prepared by European Agency for Safety and Health Protection at Work with the official seat in Bilbau, in Prague in Kaiserštejský Palace, there was a celebratory proclamation of the results and awards to the companies, which are involved in competitions about safety and health at work for this year, were presented.

Image The awards were presented to the companies that were placed on front positions in the national competition “Good Practice Stop to Noise”. It is the competition, in which enterprisers and private subjects by way of their technical proceedings improve health environment and conditions in the scope of ear protection in workplaces.
This year, the competition “Company that supports health” was awarded for the first time. The competition was declared by the Head Hygienist of the Czech Republic and by State Health Institution under the Ministry of Public Health of the Czech Republic.
As Tarmac CZ a. s. devotes big attention to questions of safety and environment and spends significant finances for ongoing improvement of this area, it also participated in declared competitions.
The audit report of State Health Institution confirmed fulfilling of difficult criteria of the competition and effort of the management and all employees of the company to create the best working conditions that are possible. This effort and also the health care of the employees were awarded.

Image Prestigious award for active involvement to the programme “Good Practice”, presented by the Vice Chairman of the Government and Minister of Work and Social Affairs, Z. Skromach, and Award of the 1st grade Company that supports health 2005, presented by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic were taken by the representatives of the company, Ing. Jiří Vacek together with J. Velechovská and Ing. K. Pulec.
In the celebratory presenting of the awards the participants were also Andrew Smith from European Agency for Safety and Health Protection, 1st deputy of the Minister of Work and Social Affairs Petr Šimerka, the deputy of the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic and the Head Hygienist of the Czech Repubic MUDr. Michael Vít, the deputy of the Minister of Environment of the Czech Republic Ing. Pavel Labounek and General Inspector of the State Office of Work Inspection Mr. Jaromír Elbel.
These awards, presented to Tarmac CZ a. s. as the only mining company, are not only evaluation of solid and intensive work in the scope of safety and health protection at work and environment, but also challenge for everybody and clear evidence that safety and health protection at work is the highest priority for Tarmac CZ a. s.


Thank you all, who are involved in this improvement

Mirka Velechovská
MDAssistant and Public Relations Employee

Certificate ISO 14001

Image As one of the first mining companies in the Czech Republic, our company Tarmac CZ a. s. received certificate ISO 14001.
To work according to the standards of the norm ISO 14001 is becoming a norm for advanced companies and this declare their positive relation to the problems of environmental protection in industrial society.
The certificate was taken over by Managing Director Ing. Vladimír Herman.


Social meeting to the anniversary
of establishment of Tarmac CZ a.s.

Social meeting to the anniversary of establishment of Tarmac CZ a. s. has already become a tradition.
This year, the meeting was held in the hotel Babylon in Liberec. Managing Director thanked to the employees of the company for their work owing to which the company performs on such high level. He also handed over a present to our long-time employee, Mr. Oldřich Pleskot, as he retires
The moderator Petr Jančařík led all the guests through the meeting and also a dance performance was a good change of the evening.

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KŘJ - Quality management

Dear readers,
30. 9. 2005, in a social meeting in Liberec, we celebrated annual anniversary of newly created company Tarmac CZ a. s.
As you all know well, in 2004 there were a lot of changes that were significantly shown in the operation of our whole joint stock company. Due to this reorganization, the business name of the company was changed, the changes were shown in the organizational structure, individual organizational departments and also quality management department.
Since 1. 4. 2004, i. e. since the time, when I was authorized to lead the department of quality management, I had certain idea, how the department should be organized, what services it should provide. I described this idea in February 2004 in the report “Conception of quality ensuring at Tarmac CZ” and I have tried to enforce the principles that were described in this report, during the whole year.
My main goal was to keep both laboratories (Plzeň and Liberec) and to separate checks over products from individual sites between those two laboratories. Both laboratories (called test department for aggregates) provide checks of the production of the whole company Tarmac CZ a. s. according to the established system of quality management according to ČSN EN for building aggregates.
Primary interest of each company is quality of its products. According to the law No. 22/1997 Sb., producer is fully responsible for the quality of its products. This clear responsibility, together with competition on the market, establishes the need to create and develop efficient systems of quality management in their companies, which would guarantee stable quality of their products that meet set specifications.
For fulfilling of this goal, testing department, which is a tool of this check, has a significant role. The term “testing” can be defined as a set of activities, by which parameters and quality of products are tested. The results of those tests are proved by test records.

Testing and checking by our own employees does not decrease the responsibility of a producer, but it decrease the risk and probability of damages. Producers, who want to stand up in the market, realize that their activities have to meet the needs of customers. They meet the requirements of customers for proved product quality more often.
Testing laboratories play important role in proving of quality, and big demands are required on them.
The strategy of Tarmac CZ a. s. is to be one of the biggest and best producers and suppliers of mined and crushed stone. The quality of its production can be influenced by every worker on sites, by their active attitude and interest in product quality. Even “poor” visual control can sometimes prevent low quality delivery to customers. Adherence of quality is never-ending process, which is influenced by a number of significant factors (from human factor, to climatic, nature, technological factors etc.)
I would like to contribute to higher foreknowledge of all employees about the state and tests on product quality. This is the reason, why I have prepared for the bulletin Word of Stone 2006 a number of articles, in which I would like to inform you in a more detailed way about problems of testing, product checks and total development of quality in the company. There are really a number of themes, like:

  • accession of the Czech Republic to the EU and duties for a producer that arose from this accession
  • adoption of a number of European standards for building aggregates -duties of a producer when introducing new products to the market
  • system of production management, knowledge from its functioning in the company
  • state and quality development in the company
  • what is tested on aggregates that we produce, what characters does it have to have, what is the most important feature and why this all is done.
Thank you for your attention that you devoted to this article. Any comments, attitudes, or ideas to this theme please send on the address sazimova@tarmac.cz.
Ing. Zuzana Sazimová
Quality Manager

The company has expanded & acquired a new site

The company Tarmac CZ a.s. has expanded acquired a new site Bystřec quarry.
The quarry is situated in the East Bohemia near Jablonné nad Orlicí. The Quarry Manager is Mr. Jaromír Buber.


Trip for former employees

Image19. 10. 2005, there was a trip for former employees of Tarmac CZ a. s. to the quarry of Litice. In the quarry, the meeting was introduced by SWAD Ing. Maroušek , together with the WAD Mr. Starý and Quarry Manager Ing. Zástěra. Then, there was an excursion through the quarry and QM Ing. Zástěra provided an expert explanation.
The next point in the programme was the visit in the Pilsen brewery with an expert explanation. Nice, autumn weather ensured satisfaction for all the participants.


Project „More safety for children on roads” received another acknowledgement

ImageThe project “More safety for children on roads” reflective vests for children from nursery schools received another prestigiousacknowledgement. In November 2005, this project became a part of permanent exposition devoted to traffic in Museum of Police in Prague.

Nobody had expected such high interest in this project, when the company Tarmac CZ handed over first reflective vests to children from nursery schools at the end of the year 2003. During the last two years, a number of sponsors have joined into the project due to good coordination. Owing to this project, more then 1 600 vests have been made and those have been handed over to children from more than 140 nursery schools.



Another step for satisfied employee

Image For the incoming year 2006, the company Tarmac CZ a. s. has prepared a new informational medium for all its employees but also customers. The idea is to place boxes in each site of the company Tarmac CZ. Their usage is easy it is enough to insert a written message with wishes, comments, criticism, but also ideas what could be changed. We will welcome any display of solidarity with the company, so that we could keep high standard of team work and employees satisfaction. The power and successfulness of the company is dependent on the ability of mutual communication and cooperation.

We are looking forward to your contributions.