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Tarmac CZ published in the beginning of the year 2005 an interesting brochure “Stone around us” or “In what way and why stone is mined”.

The brochure is written in an eased form and it should help the laical public to orientate and understand what stone in fact is and in what way stone is mined. You can read about the origin of rocks, about the first usage of stone by humans, the way of mining in the past and today. You will learn about the impact of mining operations on environment, how safety and protection of health during working processes is guaranteed.

The brochure is refilled with interesting photos related to given topics. If you are interested in it, you can ask for this brochure in the secretariat of Tarmac CZ, a. s.

People wrote to us:

For the Municipal office of Těškov, the City Manager expressed his thanks for our cooperation and for sending a financial gift, which would help to sponsor some culture and sporting activities in the village. The City Manager said: “We have already done the first step” and in the enclosure he sent an article and a photograph from the first action. This photo was published in the newspaper Sport Rokycany” on 16th March2005.

Circle in Těškov
Not even unfavorable conditions did not discourage 26 athletes from the start of the 4th year of Těškov´s circle. The track was 7,3 km long and was covered with a high layer of snow. 

I have read about your super action on the Internet healthy sand for kindergartens. As I am from the North Moravia, I would like to know, if there is another salesperson of this product in my surroundings. Eventually, how to get the testimonial of quality and healthiness (can I have an analysis done and if it is without any problems, can I buy sand from this source for the kindergarten?). As the deputy of the kindergarten founder, I would like to express my praise for your activities and thank you for your answer.

Petr Šolc The City Manager of Albrechtice

Our company gave detailed information about the whole action and the way of indemnity to the City Manager. Similar cooperation was arranged with “Czech and Moravian gravel and sand pits” in Brno for the Moravian region.


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