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Dear employees and our readers, we have asked the authors of individual projects connected under the title “Satisfied employee” so that they could present the projects and show the work connected with them.
So you can make your own opinion about the certain fulfilling of individual projects. 

1.Development of employees
Key employees, who suggested their successors, were informed about this project. Now, we will create a team of successors from the suggested employees and the plan of their development will be created as well. Other needs of development of other employees will emerged from the evaluation.

Bc. Eva Rázková
The author of project No. 1

2.Schooling and training
The project of schooling and training was agreed by the management of the company at the end of 2004. In these days the check of MD directive to the schooling is in progress. The result of this project will be incorporated into the check and it means that the rules, stated in the result of the project, will become valid and applicable. The finishing of the check of MD directive is stated by the ISO Manager on 31. 3. 2005. Some points were incorporated with cooperation of the solver of the project assessment and evaluation of employees into his project and now the assessment of employees is in progress according the new rules.

Josef Bartůněk
The author of project No. 2

3.Recruitment of employees
This project, as well as the other projects, was presented in the conference in December 2004. The concrete result is the fact that the manual, which contains the rules for an interview with the target to unify the procedure in recruitment of employees in the whole company and to ease this activity for senior managers, was given to quarry managers in January 2005. The personal department proceeds during recruitment of employees according to the rules, which are given and confirmed in the project, including an appointed benefactor.

Mgr. Miroslav Šedivý
The author of project No. 3

4.Assessment and evaluating of employees
The project Assessment and evaluating of employees is complete from the point of creation. On 7. 2. 2005 and 14. 2. 2005 a seminar for all evaluators was held. After this date, the evaluations are being realized, which is in fact the fulfilling of the project function.

Josef Starý
The author of project No. 4

5.Structure of the company
The structure of the company was created and authorized by MD with its effectiveness from 1. 1. 2005. The structure is available to all employees on notice boards and in an electronic form on the Intranet. The actualization is done quarterly.

Ing. Leona Vránová
The author of project No. 5

6.Description of working positions (PPF)
Since the last information about the project state in December 2004, this state has not changed. With cooperation of the administrative and personal department, we will check and authorize the created documentation of PPF and its terminology, we will create the system and proposal of the directive for publishing.

Jidřich Jirkovský
The author of project No. 6

7.Project “Reward”
The work of the project team “Reward” culminated, after several months effort, in update of the MD directive 52.01 about rewarding. This updated directive was authorized and published in December 2004 with validity from 1. 1. 2005 and it is available on the Intranet.
As the rewarding system, according to this updated directive, has been running since that date, we can consider the work of the project team “Reward” finished, but suggestions and observations are to be given to the manager of the project team.

Ing. Karel Kubový
The author of project No. 7

8.Relationships with public

Since the last evaluation of realized actions, in December 2004, the following actions were realized during January and February 2005:
-procuration and distribution of informational notice boards, masts and company´s flags in the sites-procuration and distribution of name labels for dispatch employees and magnetic sheets for dumper operators in the sites
-procuration and distribution of unified company´s notice boards in the sites
-putting together and publishing of the brochure for visitors “Stone around us” including the English version -production of boards that are used for marking of stockpiles in the sites for the unified look of the sites and better orientation of our customers-procuration of permission to install traffic signs to the sites: Smrčí, Košťálov, Tachov, Chlum, Dubnice, Bezděčín, Straškov
-preparation and negotiation about placement of an advertisement on vehicles of selected hauliers from all 3 areas of TCZ-negotiation with City
Managers about possible cooperation in 2005-unified stencils for company´s blanks-updating of the Web sites

Jaromíra Velechovská
The author of project No. 8

In cooperation with project No. 8 it has been realized:
-name labels for dispatch operators and vehicle operators (there are no misunderstandings like: “…I spoke to a woman, but I do not know her name..”)-installation of unified notice boards for easy and synoptic access to updated information-in cooperation with IT department an access and
storage of minutes available to all employees

Petra Hachová
The author of project No. 9 


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