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Meeting with former colleagues

On 26th January 2005, there was a traditional meeting with former colleagues of our company in Liberec. Over against previous years, our colleagues from the former Západokámen, a. s. (present-day South-west area) participated for the first time at this meeting. The area directors informed our former colleagues about our results and all the changes that were happening during the year 2004. During the celebratory lunch, where the Managing Director Ing. Vladimír Herman was present; we cast our minds back to past days. For the whole meeting, there was a really positive mood, pleasant and friendly atmosphere. I believe that this meeting was not the last one and that we will have several of them in the future. In spring, we are planning a trip to one
of the sites Tarmac CZ, a. s. for our former colleagues

Eva Rázková

TARGET a competition for everyone

On 27th of January 2005 in Liberec, there was a celebratory declaration of the whole year competition TARGET 2004. In that year 8 projects were involved and 4 of them were financially rewarded. The Managing Director Ing. V. Herman expressed his thanks to the authors of these projects, which were focused on better and safer working environment, which is fecund for the society, and he gave the awards. You can be informed about all of these projects, which were sent to the competition, in a year book TARGET 2004, which will be available in all sites, at senior managers, area directors and in the personal department. The rules of the competition and the blanks for projects are available at the quarry managers, area directors, personal department and on the Intranet sites of our company. At the end I would like to express my thanks to all competitors, who sent their ideas to the competition and I believe that next year there will be even more projects.

Placing, authors and winning projects:

1st place
Project No. 1
Author: Novotný Pavel Rvenice
Theme: A mast for hanging of electric cable

2nd place
Project No. 5
Author: Kruťuk Jiří Chraberce
Theme: Modification of arrangement of conveyor belts of a blending center which is determined to produce mechanically strengthened aggregates (MZK).

3rd place
Projects No. 2 and 7
Author of the project No. 2: Jelínek Jaroslav and Mikula Jan Velká Černoc
Author of the project No. 7: Polívková Zdena Litice
Theme: Remedial device for disassembly and assembly of chute spillways Orientational signs (arrows) to the dispatch of products Eva Rázkova

Eva Rázková

High school graduates

This year, 3 of the Tarmac CZ employees will finish the five-year studies at the Industrial High School of Stonework and Sculpture in Hořice. They are: Brož Petr, the foreman in the site of Vlastějovice, who is enlarging his education from the Electrical High School, Martin Kammel, the Quarry Manager in Královec, who is refilling his education and knowledge, and Petrovická Monika, a manager, foreman and accountant in the site of Pamětník, who has used her education from the High School of Services.Dispatching of these employees to this five-year study was realized through the program of increasing qualification and education of employees for new positions.Study results of our employees are very good; you can make your own opinion from the following: 45 students started their studies 5 years ago, then they were gradually leaving the studies from different reasons, but mainly because of the demandingness of studies, lack of time and difficulties connected with their own work. Our employees not only persist but even they are among 14 students who will finish the studies in May 2005 by means of the final exams (A levels). Owing to their good performance and results, the Mining Office (in cooperation with the school and with the management of Tarmac Severokámen,a. s.) allowed them in October 2003 to pass the exam for the position “Quarry Manager” up to 500 000 tons of an annual production, and they passed the exam successfully.
On 28th January 2005 the high-school graduate (GCE) ball of the chool was held with the contribution of Tarmac CZ, as one of the sponsors. Our students participated in the ball, they were decorated with a high-school graduate sash and now they are preparing for written and oral final exams. To conclude, we would like to thank them for their effort and stamina, and we believe, that they will pass their final exams and that they will successfully finish the studies. We also hope that they did not dedicate 5 years of their life for nothing, and that they can find further professional growth within Tarmac CZ, as it is being offered in the “Program of employment and satisfied employer.”

Petrovický Vladimír



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