Word of stone 14 - March 2005 - Introductory word

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Dear colleagues,
In the beginning of the new, quarterly published Word of Stone, let me present one short reflection. The time of balancing and evaluating of the year 2004 is over, the results of our effort are transformed to the speech of numbers, graphs and comments. The hectic turning point of the year is over, when our production and sale of our products finalized, when the consequences of the merger between Tarmac Severokámen and Západokámen affected our everyday work. The start of the new season and seemingly neverending troubles should not stop us, so that we could find a while for a brake, feedback, and consciousness of real values and importance of our activities. 

Most of us can realize that the real basis is quality performance at work of all of us, which is the power of a good functioning company, because only in a successful company it is possible to create positive conditions not only for further economical development, but also for development of employees. The idea of SAFETY could sem a bit boring in the time of new activities in protection of our environment, in protection of safety, in care of our employees and customers, but in fact this idea of safety is dominant and clearly determined in Tarmac CZ. For achieving better safety conditions, it is relatively easy to buy new modern technical devices, to make constructional works, to reconstruct lines, to equip the areas with a certain number of signs, notice boards and other aids, but the main part of the responsibility for fulfilling the principle of Zero Tolerance is up to us, up to people. Our safety depends on us, if we can realize the consequences of our everyday performance, if we can realize that our behavior is in spite of all technical conveniences the main element of our safety. We can talk about a number of seeming details that are easy to be missed out and neglected, about our unconcern to ourselves. During the work in the south-west area, which is a quite short period of time the part of the Tarmac group, but also during my visits in the other areas, it is easily seen that the effort of fulfilling the mandatory rules often put off our consideration that everything is not only about simple fulfilling relevant instructions, rules and regulations. These rules only create the environment, where we live and work, but the most important is our behavior and actions. Only our own initiatives, ideas, simple and useful steps can show that we are identified with the stated principles. Unless this feeling is “under the skin” all the effort for fulfilling the idea of safety will be hopeless. We all know the well known slogan “Has anything changed?” “Do we know the answer?” We do not know. And we cannot know the answer, unless we know the answer for the question “Has anything changed in us?”
Ing. Jiří Maroušek, SWAD 

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