Reflective vests project goes on

Project „More safety for children on streets“This project originated in and initiated by the TARMAC SEVEROKÁMENcompany has started just one year before. First child reflective vests have been handed to children from kindergartenson 28. 11. 2003 in front of the TARMAC SEVEROKÁMEN company residence.Today we can evaluate if the project has been successful. Primary target was to involve othersubjects than Tarmac in this project to provide reflective vests to as many kindergartens as possible.During the twelve months of project run, the 11 sponsors have participated distributing 1.166 vests into 114 kindergartens and additional 360 vests are being manufactured to be given soon to children from other kindergartens.The project had positive response and supportof the Ministry of Transport –BESIP department, Police of the Czech Republic and a lot of regional and municipal offices.The project has been nominated for the national competition Safe roads for children thanks to its contribution to more safety in road traffic.