Word of stone 14 - March 2005 - Charity & sponsorship

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Support of handicapped sportsmen belongs to the strategy of our company 

On 26th of January 2005, a special cart for handicapped tennis players in a price about 100 000 CZK was given byTarmac CZ, a. s. to Ing. Michal Kubát (in the ranking of the Czech Tennis Association of Disabled Players Top 15 on the 3rd place).Michal became disabled, when he was 28, after the falling from a tree, when his backbone was injured. He has been playing tennis on a cart for 8 years and for the last 4 years, he gives to this sport the effort, which is comparable with top sportsmen. He spends at least 2 hours a day on the court. He is an electrical engineer and he has got a part time job, where he works on a computer, but without sponsors his tennis career would stay in a recreational level.  

Michal believes that he is able to reach even better success with a new cart. Over against the old one, this new cart is faster, it is easier to control it and it has got higher stability. It is one of the newest types, which is used by top professional disabled tennis players. Michal used his new cart for the first time just after its takeover in the tennis hall “Na Jezírku”.
His opposite was MD Ing. Vladimír Herman.


Tarmac CZ sponsored Rally Šumava

The first year of Rally Šumava in Klatovy was started just 40 years ago. It was on 28th and 29th November 1964. In those days the rally cars were Fiat 600, Škoda 440 …etc. A lot has changed since that time.

In days 17 19 February 2005, the 40th year of this well known competition of automobiles was held.
Total length of the track: 698,23 km, the number of speed runs 20. Total length of speed runs 216,02 km.

This 40th year 60 crews finished the race (from 91 crews). The official winner of the whole 40th year Rally Šumava was announced Tomáš Vojtěch.

The company Tarmac CZ was one of the official sponsors of this year jubilee race and the speed run No. 14, Šumavské Hoštice Lažiště 14,89 km, was named after the company´s name - RZ 14 Tarmac.



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